Apr 07

Do you travel within the US, or know friends who do? Maybe you’re from there and have relocated with us when you visited Australia or New Zealand.  Well soon you’ll have the power of Transfercar at your fingertips as well.  Opt-in to the email list on www.transfercarUS.com to keep informed about our release in the States!


Get around the US (almost) without a wallet

Transfercar US will help drivers travel between Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego and more for next to no cost and with great ease.

New to Transfercar? Here’s the scoop

Transfercar is a free to low cost service that helps rental car companies relocate their vehicles by offering them to you! Most relocations are completely free, but even those that cost are as cheap as a bag of chips. If you’re looking for more information visit our ABOUT section or CONTACT US.

See you Stateside, drivers!

Transfercar US | https://www.transfercarUS.com/


Mar 28

People who drive with Transfercar come from all walks of life and relocate with us for a huge number of reasons. In our 2013 survey we asked you for stories from your relocations with us and found you liked staying at a number of places in a number of different ways…


1Some of you decide to sleep on the go inside one of our camper-vans

“We used Melbourne cup weekend to have a minibreak to new zealand and transfered a camper from christchurch to auckland the weather was miserable but we had a great time and the camper was very cosy.  Loved it” - Genine, New Zealand


2Some stay with family

“We have only used Transfercar once, but it was a very enjoyable experience.  We hired a small campervan to travel from Brisbane to Cairns.  Stopping along the way at Gladstone, Airlie Beach, Home Hill and Innisfail. At each stop we caught up with friends or relatives.  Once special point that made the trip memerable was the fact the campervan didn’t have a cd player.  It only had a cassette player.  We were able to call in at home before we left and find some of our old tapes to listen to on the trip.    When we reached Cairns the drop off was very easy and we enjoyed the experience.  We then stayed in Cairns for about another 10 days with relatives.   I would recommend using Transfercar for any trip in Australia.  It is a great way to get first hand knowledge on how big this country is.” - Brad, Australia


3Other drivers like to visit exotic or interesting hotels

“We arrived in Auckland with a parcel we were carrying for someone there – he helped us get to the depot ( we didn’t know Auckland) then took us on a tour of part of Auckland – with full commentary before taking us straight to our hotel. Made us feel most welcome!” - Margaret, New Zealand


4And beach-lovers visit their favourite sun & surf spots

“Drove from Melbourne to Sydney, camped at beaches along the way” – David, Australia



5But some drivers are just ADVENTUROUS and go where the wind takes them!

“This is our typical holiday, book a flight to a destination and the wait and see where a transfercar will take us.  Our last holiday we wen from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island and then back to Adelaide and all the way to Uluru.  We love the adventure of not knowing exactly where we are going.  It is like a holiday lottery.  Love the service of transfercar a.  We are 100% happy customers even though we had a slight hiccup at the end of our travels” - Kathy, Australia


So how do you sort out accommodation when you travel with Transfercar?
Let us know by emailing theo@transfercar.co.nz
(yes Aussies, you’ll have to email a New Zealand address!)

Mar 21

Not too sure how our relocation listings work?  Maybe you’re just looking for more information but don’t know where to click! Here’s your full guide on reading our relocation listings and everything you need to know:

Full Page

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Mar 14

Transfercar is all about getting you a cheap car to take you from A to B in a relaxing and worry free way. In this post we’re reinforcing that mission by telling you exactly how to find and get the car relocation booking you want.

Our insider tips show you  the best way to use Transfercar.  There’s a bit more to it because the relocations listed are  by rental car companies, not us personally. But we’re here to make sure those companies live up to their promise and respond to your requests.

How do I find and book the right relocation for me?

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Mar 07

Since re-launching our website we’ve reviewed the features and improved things to make it simpler for you to use. With that in mind we’re feeling the need to share the best features with you to help you get the most of your Transfercar online account!
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Feb 18

We’re always amazed and excited by the stories we hear from your relocations that we just HAD to capture them in some way! Ideas have been flying for a while now and we’ve come up with the Transfercar Relocation Stories videos. Out of all the stories we receive we’ll be selecting a few to transform into videos for you to view. See the sights, routes and experiences that others have had with Transfercar and you might get a great idea for your next trip.
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